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author: templar

"In for the long haul... preservation"

ERIC ROWE....on:
Oct 27th, 2004, 8:47pm


i may be really behind the times with this, but i was surfing around looking up stuff on breed bans and i came across an article about changes to the
cincinnati ohio
pit bull ban.

eric, i had no idea that you were ever so deeply involved in such a plight. my hat's off to you for making such a fight in defense of your dogs and this breed. it is actions on the part of bull breed owners like this that keep our liberal courts from taking away our liberties. as an American, i sincerely thank you, eric.

here is the tidbit that i read....

The breed-specific ban was passed in the late 1980s following several attacks on children by dogs identified as pit bull dogs. During hearings on the proposal to ban pit bulls, owners told city council that their dogs are descended from the purebred American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers registered by the American Kennel Club, so council specifically banned these breeds and their mixes. However, because the city lacked storage space for impounded dogs, the ordinance was not enforced for nearly 10 years. In 1996, the city contracted with the
Hamilton County SPCA
to house dogs confiscated as vicious and as members of the banned breeds. Since then, the city has paid the SPCA to house hundreds of the dogs taken from families, breeders, dog fighters, and drug dealers and held during the disposition of their cases.

Interpretation of law has been liberal; some dogs that resemble the proscribed breeds have been impounded even though there is no genetic test that identifies breeds or mixes. In early 1998, the chief deputy dog warden identified eight American Bulldogs as American Staffordshire Terrier mixes and took the dogs to the SPCA. Unlike many other owners whose dogs have been taken under the breed ban, owner Eric Rowe refused to plead guilty to a lesser charge and send his dogs out of the city. Instead, he hired a lawyer, fought the charges, and won.

Although it resembles the pit bull type, the American Bulldog is not a pit bull breed. It is related to the Old English Bulldog, a breed developed in
to herd cattle in the butcher’s yard and then used as a bull-baiting dog. After bull-baiting was outlawed in England, the English Bulldog apparently took three paths: some remained as all-around farm dogs, and these continued their careers in the US and became the American Bulldog; some morphed into the short, squat English Bulldog of today; and some were used to create the bull-and-terrier breeds that include the breeds and mixes banned in Cincinnati.

The American Bulldog trial cost the city thousands of dollars in impoundment fees, pre-trial preparation, and trial time, none of which it could recoup because it lost the case. But collection is hit and miss even when the case is won, for owners seldom pay the bill. Where multiple dogs have been removed from a single address and held for months, the costs mount up. One dog owner told the law and safety committee that he had a bill for more than $11,000 for incarceration of his dogs that he could not afford to pay.




way to go Eric...we need more like you.


WOW!! That is way cool! Kudos to you for stepping up and speaking out! Thank you...



HaKuNa MaTaTa !!



Thanks every one! I cannot tell you how much in means to me to have My peers recognize the work I have done. bsl's are not the way to go, the individual should be held responsible for their dogs actions.

I will simply say this as a plug for everyone that has a chance to help in any bsl ban work: We can either stand together or watch or breed and working events fall apart! The in fighting has to come to an end, just because it's not knocking at your door today does not mean the door bell wont ring in the morning.

I try and keep helpful bsl info on my site:




Good point, Eric!! Can't we all just get along!! Tell me more about Coal. That is a nice looking dog!

This is was on the No Bull Board

Eric Rowe Posted by bmunoz on 10/24/2004, 1:42 pm, in reply to "This is all I get!! Damn I want to see the old Pics!" User logged in as: BENNY M

Been reading and observing you activity on this board and I must add I don't know you from ___ and don't own a dog even close to ur line so I aint just brown nosing , but from what I have gather ur a man of respectful actions not just words , I say this cause you don't get involve on board fights and always seem to be working ur dogs or promoting a working event. Kudos and Thank you for quality time on this board.


Re: Eric Rowe Posted by Eric on 10/24/2004, 2:49 pm, in reply to "Eric Rowe" User logged in as: ERIC ROWE

Benny, I cannot thank you enough for your kind words, to have one of your pears speak kindly of you is a great feeling. It means that much more coming from someone that does not know you personally. I try and keep it about the dogs, that way I keep my focus in the right place. Again I thank you. Eric


AMEN Posted by OHIO STEVE on 10/24/2004, 11:07 pm, in reply to "Eric Rowe" User logged in as: OHIO STEVE

Not to mention all of the work on the BSL here in OHIO....ERIC is one of the good guys BENNY.


Re: AMEN Posted by Eric on 10/25/2004, 7:29 am, in reply to "AMEN" User logged in as: ERIC ROWE

Steve, Thanks man. You are one of the few that I have seen in the court rooms with me. It is way past the time for people to sit and talk about bsl's, it's time to fight for our dogs and our right. Eric


Re: Eric Rowe Posted by KevinM on 10/25/2004, 8:34 am, in reply to "Eric Rowe" User logged in as: KEVIN M

Ya, i had the pleasure of hanging out with eric for a weekend. Great guy


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